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Rogue Economies 2019: CONCERNING RISK.

Unit 14 reinforces its interests in Rogue Economies -those subversive economic practices, tactics and transactions that shape contemporary cities and, by extension, architectural practice. These practices are often shadowy and clandestine - and we we believe these practices are a rich and, as yet, untapped source of material for radical and responsive architectural speculation.


Out of these messy, emergent configurations, uncertainties proliferate – legal, sustainable and ethical.  Here, in 2019, we turn our interest toward RISK. Here, it is not simply a consequence of emergent, post-traumatic urbanism, but also the inevitable by-product of our deliberate intercourse with uncertainty. Architecture plays an invigorating role in reading, informing and manipulating the nature of risk, across wide-spanning sites (social, spatial, financial, environmental and digital). We endeavor to explore and manipulate risky spatial phenomena, through forensic drawing methods, and speculative propositions. 

We ask: Considering these precarious times we occupy, can we really afford not to take a RISK?


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